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In honour of them all

Just a quick post with a link to a piece by talented calligrapher Patricia Lovett MBE about the beautiful Roll of Honour which she created for Plaxtol. The Roll carries the names of more than 150 former village schoolchildren and four school staff who fought in World War One. The Roll hangs in what was originally the […]

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On the wing

Yesterday, I saw my first swifts of the season. In Plaxtol’s high street, a faint and much-loved cry made me look up, and there they were: three sickle shapes winging overhead. (I’ve written about swifts before.) There was some rain in the night – the most Plaxtol has had for many weeks – and this morning […]

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Gathering thoughts in May

Robert Browning may have craved his homeland in April (and who would not?), but is there any month more urgently, lasciviously, resplendently English than May? The very word drips with subtext; with sappy, fleshy undercurrents of light, warmth and fecundity.

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