Places are anthropogenic creations called into being by the meeting of humans and their environment. They are prominent among our contributions to our times and our space. … Place-making is a signal of our species. We make good one and bad ones, and plenty of neither-here-nor-there ones. Good, bad or indifferent, they operate on all their constituents.

Tim Dee Ground Work (Jonathan Cape, London) 2018

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The break in the chain

Meat used to be a matter of confidence and pride. Every market town held its own local fat stock show and sale in the weeks before Christmas, where farmers would compete to present the best-finished beef animal and butchers would vie to outbid each other to secure the champion beast and the honour of offering its meat […]

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To market, to market …

In rural areas in the nineteenth century, where no other transport links existed and where most local people could not have afforded them anyway, carriers’ carts provided a vital and inexpensive there-and-back-again service between villages and towns, bearing passengers, goods and errands to market and home once more.

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