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Gathering thoughts in May

Robert Browning may have craved his homeland in April (and who would not?), but is there any month more urgently, lasciviously, resplendently English than May? The very word drips with subtext; with sappy, fleshy undercurrents of light, warmth and fecundity. Advertisements

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The first fieldfares were heard in Plaxtol from the last weeks of October onwards. Fieldfares come here from Scandinavia and Russia to winter among our pastures, turned fields and orchards and will stay until March. They come at first in ones and twos, later in ever-growing flocks, and while their arrival may be delayed by […]

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To market, to market …

In rural areas in the nineteenth century, where no other transport links existed and where most local people could not have afforded them anyway, carriers’ carts provided a vital and inexpensive there-and-back-again service between villages and towns, bearing passengers, goods and errands to market and home once more.

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