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Gathering thoughts in May

Robert Browning may have craved his homeland in April (and who would not?), but is there any month more urgently, lasciviously, resplendently English than May? The very word drips with subtext; with sappy, fleshy undercurrents of light, warmth and fecundity. Advertisements

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A winter walk

These frosty nights have aroused the fox. I heard him go down the lane, the last two nights, barking Wow-wow-wow on the cold starlit air. But now it is day, the sun high, and I have letters to post.

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Landscape, Lives

September in Plaxtol

The robins have begun to try out their quiet song, wistful and meditative, quite unlike their bright carolling in spring. Early mornings are softer now, and chillier. The sun’s light is mirrored in the sky before it rises, mist lies along the Bourne valley like woodsmoke and everything is damp with dew. On fine afternoons […]

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