Landscape, Legacy

The land opens

Love of Plaxtol has to see beyond the opening of the year. It’s not always easy to be inspired by the parish in the months of January and February. Of course, there are the occasional shining days — a dazzling frost and soul-soaring sunrise — but, on the whole, these are the months when Plaxtol […]

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On the wing

Yesterday, I saw my first swifts of the season. In Plaxtol’s high street, a faint and much-loved cry made me look up, and there they were: three sickle shapes winging overhead.

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Landscape, Lives

September in Plaxtol

The robins have begun to try out their quiet song, wistful and meditative, quite unlike their bright carolling in spring. Early mornings are softer now, and chillier. The sun’s light is mirrored in the sky before it rises, mist lies along the Bourne valley like woodsmoke and everything is damp with dew. On fine afternoons […]

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